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I'm 18 and I sing. I love anything from acoustic, folkish kind of stuff to rock, post hardcore, punk etc. anyone who wants to start something up, let me know :)

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I'm sending you an email with links to our music. :) Check it out then tell me what you think.

We're a punk-rock band.. Just so you know :)

just replied to your email dude :)

Hey there,

Im one vocalist from a new band forming on the Gold Coast called Gravity Underground, still looking for some members, but I was also really wanting dual vocalists.
We're rock/punk/hard rock ... kind of everything in one. Our influences are Def Leppard, Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Bullet For My Valentine, Lita Ford, Slash, etc.
The only requirments are to be commited (but still have fun lol) and have a passion for music.

Please let me know asap, 'cause wanting to get this band up and running soon :)

Hey! sorry dude, already got a band now. thanks anyway though! goodluck with it  all

Hey there was wondering if you would like to do any collaborations on the side of your new band?
It's not a band or anything, pretty much just keen to collab with a bunch of people occasionally on different songs etc..
..Heres a link to my recent forum post about what I'm keen to do.


Cheers xD 




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